Tattoo Design For Men & Women

A good tattoo can change your appearance for the better and leave you with a sense of who you truly are and what’s important to you. Given the right body, any kind of art will look attractive, but adding your own personality in the mix can make a tattoo really meaningful and sweet. If you put some thought into it and hire a talented artist, you’ll be impressed with your new addition and will probably start to crave more. Tattoos really are addictive, so do you research into all of the options that you have before you settle on one.

Be sure to hire a talented tattoo artist, especially if these tattoos are going to be in a spot that people will regularly see. A tattoo should stay with you for life, so make sure that it is well-designed and demonstrates a part of your personality that you are proud of.

Dolphin Tattoo Design

How you design the dolphin, how many dolphins there are, can affect the meaning. For example, if you put two dolphins together in a yin-yang Chinese symbol, that will represent harmony. Some people believe if you dream about dolphins, that means something related to the world around you. Anyway, in general, the meaning of dolphin tattoos are freedom, dignity, strength, playfulness, and happiness.

If you want a dolphin tattoo because that's cute, you might consider having a dolphin tattoo in cartoon. The shape can be a little pudgy and looks plump, the color can also be any color you like, doesn't always to be like how dolphins really are. If you want a more serious one, choose a futuristic dolphin tattoo. You can add scenery, water, or anything else you like. This represents hope for the future and new life. Tribal dolphin tattoo is also a good option for you who wants a more aggressive one, with bold black lines, the typical of tribal designs. Tribal tattoo looks good in distance, as well.

In the Celtic belief, water is a symbol of rebirth because water is believed to have the power to rejuvenate a person. If a person rejuvenated, that person would have a new life. It means a new hope. That's why dolphins, as they live in the water, would represent hope, guidance, and prosperity. Some people like to give additional accentuation to the Celtic dolphin tattoos design. People like to have the dolphin image in cartoon. Celtic is famous with the knotwork. Having a dolphin tattoo designed with knotwork might be a great idea. This would be so elegant and this design can show the grace of the dolphin.

Dolphin tattoo becomes so popular apparently because dolphin has long believed as the link which connects human with underwater world. Why? Because dolphins are mammals, like us. They have so many similarities with human, for example, they breathe air, warm-blooded, speak their own language, socialize, intelligent, etc. By looking at dolphins, there are many impressions we can capture, such as freedom, happiness, and love for life. Moreover, some say that having dolphin tattoo can bring us prosperity and good luck. It is a symbol of rebirth and hope. The Celtic has their own belief in dolphin. Let's dig deeper about dolphin tattoos.

Dolphins Tattoos designs, like dolphins are fun and everyone can enjoy them. There are the real tattoos for those who want to keep their picture forever and temporary ones for kids and just for fun. Dolphin tattoos.

Here the aim is to give you ideas and inspire that tattoo idea by putting together several different ways of getting that tattoo pic! Of course if you find your ideal design that it cool please share your comments. Many people get ideas and actual designs from these lenses which is fantastic news.